Flat Design Star Wars Characters

Star Wars is very much in the forefront of our thinking at Coolector HQ again as they’ve recently begun filming the next instalments in the franchise and we’ve got high hopes given that its in J.J Abrams capable hands and, as such, we’ve been on the hunt for Star Wars related awesomeness and have struck gold with this cracking collection of Flat Design Star Wars Characters which are likely to appeal to any minimalism aficionado.

These excellent flat designs are the work of Filipe Carvalho who, in fact, is a copywriter and not an illustrator by trade but that hasn’t stopped him coming up with some mightily striking Star Wars designs that have left us thoroughly impressed here at The Coolector. A highly engaging series of Star Wars illustrations and ones that, according to their creator, hadn’t been done before until now so we’re glad that Carvalho conducted the fruitless Google search that led him to the conclusion that no one had done Flat Design Star Wars Characters before.

All your favourite Star Wars universe inhabitants have been captured in this great collection including the likes of R2D2, Yoda and Bobba Fett so if you’ve a thing for minimalistic design and Star Wars, this appetite will have been well and truly sated here.

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