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Given that we’ve been watching Mad Men to more or less obsessive levels of late here at Coolector HQ, our penchant for spirits has risen exponentially. Lamentably, however, our knowledge of the spirit world is, to put it bluntly, negligible but, as luck would have it, there are plenty out there a good deal more knowledgeable about whisky, gin, vodka et al and, better still, are prepared to deliver it to your door, brilliantly branded and mouthwateringly delicious. In our hunt for a purveyor of spirits with an in-depth understanding of what goes well with what, we were delighted to come across a fantastic London based brand by the name of Flaviar and their, frankly awesome, spirit subscription service which delivers a monthly batch of taste bud titillating spirits to your door.

The beauty of Flaviar’s subscription service lies in its immense level of flexibility which you can tailor to your own requirements with the chief benefit perhaps being the fact that you can take your pick between taster bottles and full size iterations so if you’re unsure about a certain spirit, for example, you can get a taster bottle one month and if it turns out you love it, a full sized one the next. We’re very new to the delights of spirits here at Coolector HQ given our proclivity for craft beer and that’s why we’re grateful for Sherpas like Flaviar to lead us on our journey of spirit exploration.

Flaviar is, in essence, a club for lovers of spirits such as rum, gin, vodka and whisky and is the perfect way to expand your palate and discover new drinks which you may not have uncovered otherwise. When you couple this with the great looking branding that Flaviar have created, it all comes together to produce a brilliant package that any spirit aficionado (or those who want to become one) will appreciate and this is something that we’re extremely keen on at The Coolector. Letting you experience the very best spirits from all over the world for an unbelievable price is the raisons d’être of Flaviar and it’s something that they are clearly doing wonderfully well given how well their subscription service has already been received. Check out a few more shots of their awesome looking subscription boxes below:





There will undoubtedly be plenty of men in both camps out there who either love spirits and want to broaden their horizons or know nothing of whisky, rum et al and are looking for the perfect place to start and the Flaviar subscription packs unquestionably cater to both extremely well. If you’re looking for some sumptuous new spirits to try or know someone who loves spirits and you’re looking for the perfect gift, you really need look no further than Flaviar and their extensive knowledge of the spirit world. The fantastic flexibility of their packages which entails paying £14.99 for the first month, £24.99 a month thereafter with the option to skip a month or cancel at any time will definitely appeal to those chaps who want to experience new alcoholic beverages without the nuisance of being tied down for a long period of time – Flaviar really is the best of both worlds.

Price: £14.99+

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