Blub Uno Retro Tube Clock

If there is one thing that our workspace here at Coolector HQ is lacking currently, it is an awesome looking desk clock to fill in the void when we lack the sufficient energy to cast our gaze to the top right of the computer screen and we think we’ve find the ideal candidate in the form of this stunning little device that goes by the name of the Blub Uno Retro Tube Clock which is currently being funded over on Kickstarter.

The Blub Uno Retro Tube Clock is a mightily impressive construct which actually boasts plenty of modern features to go alongside its decidedly retro looking design and for any chap wanting to add a touch of steampunk-esque awesomeness to their desk, this will be the perfect choice of workspace accessory. The Blub Uno is a single tube which is crafted from machined aluminium, glass, bamboo and powered via a USB interface which makes it ideally suited to one’s workspace.

With the capabilities to read much more than just the time – the temperature, date and various alarm functionality come under the capabilities of the Blub Uno – this is a top notch piece of technology that has the sort of vintage appeal that will make it stand out to plenty in the creative and design industries. Check out a video and a few more shots of the Blub Uno below to see why you’ll soon want one on your desk so desperately:

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We love this type of retro technology here at The Coolector and when it is combined with some great modern bits of technology, it’s even more up our street. The Blub Uno has already surpassed its funding target on Kickstarter which is testament to the fact that it’s not just us who have fallen for its not inconsiderable charms at The Coolector and if you’re wanting to get one of these on your desk as soon as possible, the best way of doing so is lending your support over on Kickstarter.

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