Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamp

As we’re clearly partial to cool stuff here at The Coolector, it would be a travesty if something as downright cool (albeit eye-wateringly expensive) as this Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamp didn’t make it onto the pages and for those with a love of quirky lighting solutions, this has to be your next purchase to really add a touch of coolness to your own interior design endeavours.

The Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamp is the handiwork of Richard Clarkson and it isn’t a new thing as it’s been part of his studio work for a while now but what is new is the ability to readily buy these lamps online and we’re pretty excited at this prospect here at The Coolector. Although the price tag ,which is a touch under $5k, does make the appeal a little less gratifying as they’re not exactly affordable but if you do have deep pockets, you’re not going to find any form of lighting cooler than this on the market.

Head in the Clouds

Boasting a thoroughly impressive use of technological design, the Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamp is a magnetically levitating ambient lamp that, needless to say, takes on the visual presence of a real life cloud in your own home and the way in which it is capable of lighting up will add a touch of flair to proceedings. Levitation technology is increasing working its way into mainstream design projects as the knowledge behind it becomes more widespread and it becomes more affordable to roll out but you really won’t find many better uses of this form of technology than the Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamp.

Aesthetically unparalleled and offering the sort of visceral impact that few pieces of furniture could come close to, this Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamp from Richard Clarkson is crafted from Petg, polyester fibre and various magnetic and electrical components to deliver the stunning finished product you see before you. This amazing piece of design and craftsmanship sees the  cloud levitating around 2.75 inches (70mm) from the base and will definitely turn heads for all who see it.

While the base itself needs to stay plugged in to operate properly, a rechargeable lithium ion battery is responsible for the Cloud part of the lamp and this means that it has a totally wireless and unobstructed levitation when its in operation. It is undoubtedly a quirky piece of lighting but one that is right up our street here at Coolector HQ – if we can just get our head around the price tag that is.

Light Done Right

If we had to choose the lighting for Coolector HQ, it’s safe to say that these Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamps would fill the entire space and we’re loving the different colours that you can deploy to really bring the object to life. Incredibly well made and technologically advanced, it’s easy to see why these lamps have such a lofty price.

For those homeowners with expensive (and quirky) tastes, these Floating Cloud Levitating LED Lamps are going to more than fit the bill and we’re loving the unparalleled aesthetic appeal and indeed versatility on offer here. Though far from cheap, they will definitely rapidly become your favourite piece of lighting and can you really put a price on that? Yes, probably not $5k.

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