HP Z VR Backpack PC

Needless to say that most consumers look at virtual reality as entertainment devices but, in actuality, they probably have much more potential in the work arena and this is a fact that is admirably illustrated by this phenomenal looking HP Z VR Backpack PC which is one of the most powerful virtual reality rigs on the market and about as far removed from a toy as it can get.

We’re mighty excited about the impending influx of virtual reality devices here at Coolector HQ and whilst we’re definitely most pumped for the gaming element, it’s important to realise the potential impact it can have in other areas and the HP Z VR Backpack PC aims to deliver the ultimate piece of kit that unlocks the full potential of virtual reality with the most powerful wearable VR PC ever created.

Back to Reality

Aimed at letting the wearer explore the capabilities of VR without limits, this impressive piece of technology from Hewlett Packard lets you untether from reality and experience virtual reality as it was always intended. The HP Z VR Backpack PC is a lightweight, comfortable backpack which uses hot swappable batteries which lets you work or train others using high quality virtual reality interface in any space.

The HP Z VR Backpack PC lets you pick your preferred VR head-mounted display (HMD) like the HTC Vive BE or the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset to give that extra level of flexibility to the device. As the first wearable, professional VR PC, there’s a lot of pressure on this to perform but, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s looking like a triumph and for those industries that can benefit from virtual reality in their working routines, this will likely be the technology they look to capitalise on.

Virtual reality is likely to become more and more mainstream in all walks of life over the next few years and this offering from Hewlett Packard looks like opening the floodgates of what is possible with this form of technology. The HP Z VR Backpack PC lets you create and interact with complex simulations and the high-end performance VR which has the latest high-fidelity graphic card will help ensure dropped frames are kept to a minimum.

Exceptional Technology

This phenomenal device is the first PC on the market to feature the powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200 GPU with 16 GB of memory and this is joined by an Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor to deliver an unparalleled level of performance that drives the impressive virtual reality capabilities of this extraordinary device. The HP Z VR Backpack PC comes with a dock which lets you rapidly transition back and forth between high-powered desktop for virtual reality content design and wearable VR PC for validating your creations.

Described as the ideal bit of kit for so many different scenarios, the HP Z VR Backpack PC is perfect for product development, employee training, walk-through simulations, immersive customer experiences and so much besides and we here at Coolector HQ can’t wait to see exactly what it is capable of first hand.

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