Fly Massive Millworks Cascade Console

We love designer furniture here at Coolector HQ and when we discovered Russian design workshop, Fly Massive Millworks, a few months back we were left pretty agog at the calibre of the pieces they were producing and they’re at it once again with this genuinely awesome looking Cascade Console that will add a touch of class and versatile storage to any room you choose to deploy it.

The Fly Massive Millworks Cascade Console is one of those pieces of design that just works and the quality of the materials used in its crafting, combined with the eye-catching aesthetics make it ideally suited to any contemporary interior design aesthetic. We’re loving the multi-functionality of it here at The Coolector and whether you want to use it store your record player and vinyl or craft beer and books, it’s not going to let you down.

Top Class Visuals 

Visually speaking, the furniture from Fly Massive Millworks is entirely beyond compare and that’s definitely true of this brilliantly crafted Cascade Console. Making use of a number of different materials in its construction, the Cascade Console measures 1440 x 890 x 340 mm so it will provide plenty of storage options for your home and the quality of its finish really does make it a stand out piece of designer furniture.

Crafted from solid American walnut and solid oak, with brass finishings, there is a tangible sense of quality to the Cascade Console from Fly Massive Millworks and if you value fantastic craftsmanship in your choices of furniture, it is abundantly clear in this cracking piece of design. Divided into a number of different sections, each delivering their own type of storage offering, this is a stunning and versatile piece of designer furniture from what is rapidly becoming one of our favourite workshops here at The Coolector.

The quality positively shines through with this amazing piece of designer furniture from Fly Massive Millworks and the versatility it provides means you can use it more or less in any room in your home. It is a great choice for storing some of your prized possessions because it will add an additional level of gravitas to them courtesy of its own triumphant design and craftsmanship levels.

Fly Furniture

Fly Massive Millworks are producing amazing pieces of furniture at a mind blowing speed and this Cascade Console is the latest addition to their already mighty impressive line up of designer furniture creations. If you love minimalistic and understated pieces of design overflowing with functional storage solutions, this is certainly a piece that will be right up your street.

Lovingly crafted and wonderfully well conceived, the Fly Massive Millworks Cascade Console is another feather in the cap of this sublime furniture workshop and we’re loving the care and obvious attention to detail that has gone into its creation here at Coolector HQ.

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