Folding Sled

Organising your life to a level way you feel satisfied with is one rewarding feeling. From basic small victories like waking up 10 minutes early to get the porridge made on time and ridding your desktop of outdated memes, to making sure your sleds are all tidied away in the garage. Wait, hang on, what…sleds?

It’s all about things you didn’t know you needed these days. Given the right conditions and environment this nifty Folding Sled by Max Frommeld & Arno Mathies is a very simple route to happiness. The concept behind the Folding Sled is simple; tweak and redesign the well-loved Swiss-made Davos Sled, to become more efficient for our 21st century lifestyle.

This design duo are experts of simplifying and reimagining products, by stripping them back and making each idea more compact than first intended – all without compromising the product’s original integrity and function. They’ve already completed a successful Kickstarer campaign with their foldable boat! Check out a few more shots of this spiffing steed below:






The Folding Sled enables easier storage for an item that may only be used very infrequently or seasonally, and by compacting the design it makes it a much easier job transporting it from A to B. No tools and manual needed, the Folder Sled literally folds in on itself by using a simple clip rivet function. Click it back together and you’re all set for the piste.

The assembly of the product has been left in safe hands, with Frommeld & Mathies collaborating with one of the oldest Swiss sled manufactures, Graf Sclitten, to product a design which combines locally-sourced ash wood and high performance recyclable plastic. The only thing that could improve this is rocket thrusters.

Just when we were looking forward to a summer break on a tropical beach somewhere, this bit of kit comes along and throws a big old spanner into the works. If you’ve been equally as bowled over by the awesome looking Folding Sled, you’ll be delighted to hear that you can still support it over on Kickstarter. Now where’s our foldable skiing goggles?

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