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America was once one of the forefront watchmakers in the world and whilst they’ve had to take a backseat to the extraordinary timepieces of Switzerland, there are still plenty of first rate watch crafters in the good old US of A and one of the very best amongst them is the fantastically vintage looking Weiss Watch Company who are certainly creating a name for themselves in the notoriously competitive world of watchmaking.

The chief objective behind the creation of the Weiss Watch Company was to restore the prestige which was once associated with American watchmaking and each of their timepieces are built by hand in Los Angeles, California, using mechanical movements. Through the use of historical manufacturing techniques coupled with modern technology, they are able to create some genuinely stunning timepieces which are very much up our aesthetic street at Coolector HQ.

The Weiss Watch Company are the only watch team that are designing, engineering, and manufacturing our own cases and dials, as well as finishing each movement by hand and the end result of some spectacularly stylish watches and you can see a few of their striking timepieces below:

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We’re big watch fans at Coolector HQ and when companies like Weiss come along it’s always heartening to see that there are still those out there who are dedicated to making timepieces in the right way and bringing new watches onto the market. The vintage styling of Weiss watches is going to appeal to a lot of horology aficionados out there and the fact that they’re made by hand in the USA using the best components is the icing on their already delicious looking cake.

Weiss watches offer a fully mechanical movement that is a manually wound Caliber 1001 comprised of over 100 Swiss parts so you don’t need to worry about the performance of your timepiece. Sapphire crystal glass casing and super luminova hands are other features that set these excellent timepieces apart and for anyone after an entry level luxury timepiece, there will be few better out there than these from the Weiss Watch Company.

Price: $950+

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