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Artists are something that we’ve got a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ because we essentially live vicariously through them given the fact that we are entirely bereft of even a modicum of artistic talent and there is a supremely talented fellow by the name of Rocco Malatesta whose work we are extremely partial to and we were delighted to discover that he’s just released a limited edition series of artwork which is extremely striking to say the least.

Malatesta is a Berlin based artist who already boasts and extremely impressive body of work and his latest limited edition series of prints are equally as fantastic as all that has gone before it and they are both visually engaging and brilliantly crafted. With three new prints to pick from – one bear, one eagle and one wolf (and a Jason from Friday the 13th thrown in for good measure, though sold out) – these spiffing prints are pulled by hand and created and carved on a linoleum block and printed on natural white heavy weight Hahnemühle acid free paper.

No two of these prints (with each one limited to just 50) will be the same due to the way in which they are crafted so, if you’re after some genuinely unique and striking artwork for your home or office, these top class, limited edition prints from Malatesta will definitely tick all of the right boxes. Check out a few more shots of these awesome prints below:

IMG_5866_massive wolf1 wolf2 eagle1 eagle2



These extremely stylised prints are right up our street at Coolector HQ and each one is hand-signed in pencil by Malatesta and numbered so you can see your place in this great series of nature inspired prints. They will add a bold, focal point for any wall and the superb way in which they have been printed really does make them stand out from the crowd wonderfully well.

Price: €25

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