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Taking photographers and making them look professional is extremely hard. Particularly when you’re doing so without any of the tools of the trade that you’d typically find a professional photographer using. Well, this balance has been redressed a little with the emergence of a great looking project over on Kickstarter called Foldio 2 which endeavours to bridge the gap between amateur and professional photographers with a devilishly simple yet effective device.

The Foldio 2 is a clever piece of kit which is only too aware of the importance of the right sort of lighting when it comes to capturing those picture perfect photos and, in order to do this, the company behind Foldio 2, Orange Monkie, crafted a piece of apparatus that delivers the sort of lighting that you require to produce professional quality product shots.

Billed as a pop-up studio for your smartphone, Foldio 2 is extremely simple to set up and start taking great looking snaps in a matter of minutes and it is, as the name suggests, the second in the series from Orange Monkie which really pushes the boat out from a performance point of view and, judging by the reception it has had on Kickstarter, it is unquestionably a product that is in demand amongst the amateur photographers out there. Take a look at a few shots of the Foldio 2 device below:




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If you’ve perennially been struggling to get your photos to appear exactly as you want them and have been craving a simple and effective device for taking great shots, the Foldio 2 might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for. Larger than its predecessor, this fantastic bit of kit has improved LED lighting for more effective shots and an extremely straightforward magnetic structure that can be put together in minutes. If you’re an amateur photographer who wants to step it up a little without spending an arm and a leg, you need to get yourself on Kickstarter and throw your support behind the Foldio 2.

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