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With the prevalence of space travel, to Mars in particular, being heavily in the media at present there is something that has come into our purview which is simply too good to be ignored and it is this rather unusual but undeniably awesome Spacelife Jacket which has been designed very much with a space exploration aesthetic which, of course, won’t be right up everyone’s style street but for those who dare to be different it is ideal.

This overtly eye-catching jacket is the work of Spacelife, a new apparel company which has the objective of creating products for the ultra-modern man and are driven by a curiosity for greater things. We don’t know about all that but what we do know is that their fantastic looking Spacelife Jacket is chock full of all manner of awesome features (on top of the fact it looks like an astronaut’s suit, of course) and just some of the most impressive include the exterior of the jacket being made from unique trilobal fibre which is at once waterproof and light-reflecting so you’ll be well-equipped to deal with the elements, a hood that boasts built-in speakers, which are controlled via Bluetooth® or by the integrated remote on the sleeve jacket which also allows you to effortlessly manage your phone requirements.

Whilst this stunning jacket might be a little too high fashion for our laid back sensibilities here at Coolector HQ, we’re in no doubt that there will be plenty of intrepid fashion followers out there that will have been won over by its considerable array of features and if you’ve a love of all things space travel then you’re unlikely to find a more awesome piece of apparel for 2015.

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