Bearded by Vanja Mrgan

Beards are pretty epic. I think that’s something that we can all agree upon. Well, a talented Croatian illustrator operating out of Florida by the name of Vanja Mrgan has gone one step further in proving the awesomeness of beards by applying them to the previously unbearded to show just how much more excellent they look when sporting a facial rug.

Ever wondered what Robocop would look like with a glorious bushy beard or how much more intimidating Bobba Fett would be with an inexplicably braided beard? Then wonder no more, sir, because these questions and more have been answered in this cracking collection of illustrations from Vanja Mrgan.

If, like us, you have an upsetting inability to grow a bushy beard, you can live vicariously through these excellent illustrations that admirably showcase the face improving potential of some facial hair and we’re definitely impressed with Mrgan’s work and can’t wait to see which other popular culture icons get the Bearded treatment in the future.

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Leo Davie