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When it comes to the appreciation of artwork, we’ve all got our own tastes and style persuasions but if you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you’ll find yourself drawn towards artwork that celebrates the wilderness and great outdoors and, if that sounds like you, you’re going to want to check out the awesome range of prints from Danish brand Foto Factory.

Foto Factory Prints are a real sight to behold and wonderfully capture the stunning beauty of the planet we live on and deliver some immeasurably striking and eye-catching pieces of artwork that really will bring any room in the home to life. The mesmerising prints from Foto Factory are designed and curated by skilled and passionate photographers and this is something that well and truly shines through in the images used in all of their incredible prints.

Nature at its Finest

Photography at its finest has the capacity to really resonate with us and it’s plain to see that the two brains (and lenses) behind Foto Factory, Martin Bay and Maria Rosendal, are mighty talented at capturing spectacular images that would look in any interior design endeavour. Nature and the great outdoors are, to be fair, pretty good models when it comes to creating magical artwork but it takes talented photographers to capture images quite as good as the prints you’ll find from Foto Factory.

The Foto Factory Prints come in a number of different series based upon different locations in which they were shot. You can take you pick from Scotland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Copenhagen and Black and White Prints and regardless of the prints that you choose, you’re going to get a really striking piece of artwork to hang in your living room or above your workspace. You’ll find it impossible to take your eyes off the artwork from Foto Factory such is its aesthetic impact and we love all the different collections they’ve got to choose from here at Coolector HQ.

It’s not just the excellent prints which can be yours from Foto Factory, they also offer the opportunity to get the frames as well and they come in a number of different sustainably sourced woods – most notably, oak, but you can also opt for understated black and white frames as well if you’d prefer. Available to purchased framed or unframed, these gorgeous prints from Foto Factory are the sort of artwork that can turn an average looking room into a magical one and that’s no mean feat at all.

Breathtaking Photography

It is the photography skills of the two talented snappers behind Foto Factory that makes the Danish brand so impressive and the stand out nature of their great outdoors inspired prints really is to our liking here at The Coolector. For any interior designer looking to add a touch of style and vibrancy to a wall or workspace in a home, these exemplary prints are really the perfect place to start.

Foto Factory have a small but perfectly formed line up of print collections so far and we for one can’t wait to see which areas and landscapes fall under their lenses in 2018 and beyond. Stunning photography combines with first class printing techniques and materials to deliver some of the most impressive prints we’ve seen in a while here at The Coolector. An absolute must for any nature and landscape lovers out there.

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