Moment iPhone X Photo Case

The iPhone X has been out for a good few months now and owners are probably still finding cool new features that their device is capable of but one thing that will never change is the fact smartphones always need a top notch case to keep them protected from damage and looking great. Well, if you’re one that bought the iPhone X for it’s excellent camera capabilities, then you’ll probably want to sit up and take notice of this brilliant looking Moment iPhone X Photo Case which isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing accessory, it also delivers genuine benefits to photography lovers.

The Moment iPhone X Photo Case is billed as being the perfect case for those who use their smartphone first and foremost as a camera and if that sounds like you, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a more suitable accessory for your phone in 2018. This excellent accessory from Moment has a thin, robust, rubberized body which does an admirable job of shielding your phone from droppages, scratches, and the inevitable “I drank too much” that will befall us all this Christmas.

Moment in Time

It’s clear to see that the iPhone X is a mighty impressive device and it stands to reason that most of us would want a first class case to keep it safe but you’ll not find many better than the Moment Photo Case. It is available in wood or black canvas, and the back of the case delivers an subtle texture, which makes it much easier to take great photos. The bottom of the case boasts a strap attachment which works with any standard wrist strap, and the Moment lens interface is built right into the phone which makes it simple to quickly attach one of Moment’s excellent camera lenses to take unforgettable photos.

Making the Moment iPhone X Photo Case affordable but not low quality, a la the majority you find on Amazon et al, is something that is to be applauded and the eye-catching design of the case really does appeal to our design sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. Anyone who is serious about their photography and who owns an iPhone X will want to get their hands on one of these superb cases and also some of Moment’s equally as excellent lenses which will significantly improve the quality of pictures you’re capable of taking.

A slim profile and minimalist design make this case ideally suited to any pocket and the wrist strap makes it perfect for travelling out into the wild on adventures and capturing some amazing photos of the great outdoors as you go. It has curved edges and a textured back for one handed shooting which is one of the biggest problems for a lot of smartphone photography and the design of this case from Moment aims to remedy it in style.

Robust Protection

Needless to say, one of the fundamental requirements of any phone case is to help protect the device from the everyday bumps and scrapes that they are typically subjected to. The iPhone X Photo Case from Moment does a first rate job of this courtesy of the durable materials used in its construction and the excellent attention to detail that has gone into its design to help minimise the risks of dropping it in the first place.

Any iPhone X owner in search of a case that will make for much better photography in 2018, you need look no further than this amazing offering from Moment which not only serves as a barrier between your phone and the inevitable tumbles to the floor but also works with the brands excellent lenses to deliver out of this world photography every time.

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