We love artwork and we love technology here at Coolector HQ so it’s probably not too much of a stretch to see why we’ve fallen for this awesome new collection of art that goes by the name of FramedTech and which offers a much more tangible piece of artwork than you were perhaps expecting.

FramedTech is Portugese workshop that delivers artwork that will definitely appeal to any tech and gadget lovers out there and it packs a mighty impressive visual punch as well. Carefully dismantling all sorts of gadgets and tech like old Atari computers, Playstation remotes and old iPhones and artistically displaying each of the components might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely left us thoroughly impressed at Coolector HQ.

Tech Obsessed

As children of the 90s at The Coolector, this brilliant collection of, we’re reluctant to say prints because they’re not printed, from FramedTech is right up our street because it typically focuses on so many of the pieces of technology that we grew up with and would definitely like to see hanging in our workspace now. We’re talking you’re Atari Space Invaders cartridge, old Playstation 1 remotes, first edition Kindles and much more besides.



Disassembling tech icons and turning them into artwork is an undertaking which is, of course, pretty time consuming for the guys at FramedTech but the end results speak for themselves and the finished pieces are highly engaging and visually arresting pieces of art that any tech lover of the last two or three decades will certainly appreciate.


It’s not until you see these gadgety icons broken down into the base components and materials that you realise just how much has gone into their manufacturing and it is an eye-opening project from FramedTech and one that we can’t wait to see more of here at Coolector HQ. We’d definitely like to see the likes of the Commodore64, Amiga and Super Nintento come under their purview and, hopefully in time, they will.

Workspace Perfection

We’re always on the lookout for new pieces of artwork to dot about Coolector HQ and whilst we typically gravitate towards prints – such as those from Simon Stalenhag and Family Tree Designs – we’ve certainly got a soft spot for pieces that hark back to our childhood and that’s something which can be said of these cracking pieces from FramedTech.

pac man

space invaders

If you’ve also got a love of retro tech and a desire to see how these pieces were put together, the artwork from FramedTech will likely resonate with you too. We can’t wait to see what this talented Portugese workshop has got in store for 2017.

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