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We’re currently in the process of trying to smarten up our wardrobes a touch here at Coolector HQ – and gravitate (ever so slightly) beyond our obsession with typography and illustration inspired tees – and this means finding some stylish brands with which to fill said wardrobe with and we’ve got off to a great start by discovering a fantastic Finnish brand that goes by the name of Formal Friday.


Formal Friday has a great backstory and started out as five guys from Finland with the overriding objective of simply creating a better calibre of clothing. They wondered why it was that extreme and outdoor sports clothing boasted far superior quality, functionality, and robustness when put side by side with your average street wear brand. This was the catalyst for their creation of a series of highly functional, versatile and stylish apparel that doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort.

Friday Feeling

The quality of the apparel from Formal Friday immediately stood out to us at Coolector HQ and it is the standard of the materials that they use when crafting their wares which is responsible for this significant increase in quality. One material in particular features heavily in the design of the garments from Formal Friday and it is one known for its quality and comfort – merino wool. Unquestionably one of the most versatile materials out there when it comes to crafting apparel, Formal Friday have managed to use it in a lot of their superb clothing and the visual appeal of their pieces really is second to none.


There is a real desire from Formal Friday to create a range of clothing that doesn’t just look the part but which also fits in with your lifestyle and makes your day to day easier by offering great comfort and flexibility. It is testament to the skill of this Finnish label that they’ve managed to craft such an eye-catching selection of apparel including shirts, sweaters outerwear and more that fits in so well with any modern man’s everyday routine.

Boasting a level of functionality and movement not typically found in most high street labels, Formal Friday is the sort of brand that more and more men are gravitating towards because they want quality apparel but aren’t prepared to compromise on the fit and functionality of their clothing. Formal Friday represents the ideal solution because all their gear looks great and also doesn’t hold you back in the performance stakes.

Unerring Quality

Whether it’s jackets, jeans, shirts or tees you’re after this winter, you’ll find a great selection of them all at Formal Friday. Admittedly, Finland probably wasn’t our first thought when it comes to top of the range men’s clothing brands but, it’s fair to say, Formal Friday have put paid to that thinking on our part here at Coolector HQ.




With first class materials, impeccable comfort and an expansive range of apparel from which to choose, Formal Friday is going to feature pretty heavily on our Christmas wish list at The Coolector and we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of other men out there looking to get their hands on some of their excellent clothing too.

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