Frederico Birchal Minimalist Movie Illustrations

The world of movies is one that love here at Coolector HQ so it’s always great when we come across awesome bits of artwork that celebrate some of our favourite and most iconic films and a great example of this is Frederico Birchal’s amazing Minimalist Movie Illustrations which superbly capture the costumes and props from some of our (and probably your) favourite films.

This series of illustrations from Birchal has been created in conjunction with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to celebrate 100 years of Hollywood films and has illustrations from movies from 1915 through to present day. You can take a look at a few of our favourites from Birchal’s fantastic selection below:








There have been some truly astounding movies over the last century and we’re glad to see that our own personal favourite, Fight Club, made it onto the list. It does a great job of showcasing just how important costume designers are in the world of movie making because each of them shown in the series of illustrations is so intrinsically linked to the movies themselves that it would be impossible to think of them any differently.

We love minimalist design here at The Coolector and when it is carried out so superbly, it’s hard not to be impressed and we think that Birchal has done an admirable job of celebrating the 100 years of Hollywood movies.

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