FringeFocus Dinosaur Fossil Coasters

As if drinking whisky straight wasn’t manly enough, it turns out there is an even more masculine means of imbibing hard liquor and that is resting your beverage on one of these awesome looking Dinosaur Fossil Coasters from FringeFocus. Dinosaurs are pretty excellent creatures its fair to say and these spiffing coasters will let you revel in their awesomeness all the more easily.

FringeFocus is the design company of Chicago based artist, Rob Loukotka, and the Dinosaur Fossil Coasters are just one of a number of woodworking projects that he has undertaken. Loukotka describes FringeFocus as his one man creative factory of fantastic goods and who are we to argue with this assessment because our requirement of these Dinosaur Fossil Coasters borders on the obscene.

This set offers a different fossil layer from past epochs and each one is engraved with how long the particular epoch lasted. You can check out the mightily impressive detail that has gone into the construction of these cracking Dinosaur Fossil Coasters below:




These superb coasters measure 4″ and laser engraved into alder wood and sealed for protection to ensure that they don’t get damaged from drinks condensation. If you’re the sort that wants to quaff your craft ales from dinosaur based brilliance then a set of these superb coasters will tick all of the right boxes.

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