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Though my own particular gym regime is currently teetering on total collapse, this doesn’t mean to say that I don’t still have the intention to go the gym at some point in the future and when I eventually do so, it will be cathartic to do so with an utterly awesome gym bag in tow and it is for that reason I have got my eye well and truly on this rather spiffing Hard Graft Gym Bag which boasts a weighty price-tag but one which is justified through the awesomeness of its construction and the materials used therein.

Hard Graft are mainstays on the pages of The Coolector and this is far from the first time in which they’ve featured but this is purely down to the fact that they seem to have a never ending production line of impressive looking wares and this superb gym bag is merely the latest one to have caught our eye. The Hard Graft Gym Bag is designed to provide all the space that you’ll require for your work out sessions and boasts a casual canvas exterior with a considerably more luxurious leather top that makes it stand out from the crowd.

For any regular visitors to the gym, the importance of having a sturdy and reliable bag is clear to see and if you’re prepared to push the boat out a little in terms of cost, this carry from Hard Graft will reward you in both the style and sturdiness stakes. The bag is crafted from über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather with skilled artisans applying natural colouring made from tree bark to produce a highly striking holdall for all your gym essentials. Check out some more shots of the Hard Graft Gym Bag below:








As you can see, this gym bag from Hard Graft exudes considerably more style than the typical fare that you see down the gym but you can obviously use it for other activities than merely pumping iron and it makes for an excellent looking and extremely functional overnight bag as well. The cost is high but the quality unparalleled so this Hard Graft Gym Bag definitely gets The Coolector seal of approval.

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