Fulton & Roark Wax Colognes

Solid colognes aren’t a new addition to the pages of The Coolector, having featured those from Alfred Lane in the past, but we’ve just stumbled across a brand new to us that goes by the name of Fulton & Roark who seem to be equal in the awesomeness stakes to the aforementioned Alfred Lane.

For those unaccustomed to solid colognes, they are a departure from the norm insomuch as they are not liquid based (as the “solid” admirably illustrates) and these brilliantly branded ones from the chaps at Fulton & Roark have definitely caught our eye at Coolector HQ. The ethos behind this North Carolina based brand is crafting products that fit in with the shape of men’s lives and have functionality at their core. They know men are unlikely to carry around a cumbersome aftershave bottle so they’ve made their excellent looking solid colognes, which are available in a number of different scents, pocket-sized for easy portability for any man on the go.

Boasting only the best ingredients, you’ll be left thoroughly impressed with the aromas that a small dab of a Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne is capable of conjuring and the fact it can be carried around surreptitiously on one’s person adds to its usefulness still further. We’re always advocates of fantastically branded products here at The Coolector and Fulton & Roark definitely fall into this category but they don’t rest on their design laurels and back up their visual appeal with a genuinely impressive product that will be a must have for most men this summer. Take a gander at a few more shots below:





Men’s grooming products are not always well thought out when it comes to their branding and packaging but that is certainly not a criticism that can be levelled at Fulton & Roark because they positively excel in both areas. We’re always in the market for spiffing products like this at Coolector HQ and if you’re of a similar tilt then you’ll be glad to here that you can get your hands on them without spending an arm and a leg.

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