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I think for anyone who has ever worked within a creative agency environment, they will be only too aware of the moments of blind panic, pressure and inspiration blocks that are an all too common occurrence in such settings but, as luck would have it, some talented chaps have seen the needs of designers, copywriters, web designers et al and crafted a frightfully spiffing series of Agency Survival Kits that can be deployed in a multitude of scenarios.

These Agency Survival Kits come in three different iterations and can be opened in times of Power Cut, Presentations and Working Overtime and each set comes replete with a treasure trove of items relating to that particular scenario. The overtime box, for example, is chock full of peanut butter energy bars, a hip flask and a stress ball for when it all becomes too much. Here at Coolector HQ we think we could put each of three Agency Survival Kits to good use at various points of the week and we absolutely love the cool products which have been individually curated for each box.

Agencies are inherently a stressful environment in which to work and though these Agency Survival Kits are firmly tongue in cheek, they do genuinely reflect the stresses and strains imposed on agency workers on a daily basis. The branding is impeccable and the chosen products superb so if you work for a creative agency and want something to crack open in times of emergency, we dare say that these Agency Survival Kits could be a real life saver. Check out a few more shots of these impressive pieces of kit below:





Here at Coolector HQ, we’ve been entirely won over by this fantastically creative idea which, of course, is born from a creative agency but you can’t argue with the thought, skill and imagination that has gone into their crafting. Though they were probably pushing back deadlines and dodging client calls whilst they came up with this awesomeness. A definite favourite of ours at The Coolector and one we will certainly be hoping to get our hands on.

Available: Agency Survival Kits

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