Fusion Flasks’ Dual Chambered Hip Flasks

We’re forever on the lookout for cool pieces of EDC here at Coolector HQ and given our penchant for booze, this will often entail things like hip flasks but, truth be told, we’ve seldom encountered one as cool and innovative as this Dual Chambered Hip Flask from the guys at Fusion Flasks. Robust and elegant in equal measure, we’ll definitely be getting our hands on one of these for our own everyday carry collection.

The Fusion Flasks Dual Chambered Hip Flask will make the ideal Father’s Day gift for any spirit loving dad and with prices starting at $119, it represents great value for money considering the care and attention that goes into crafting each one. There are few pieces of EDC classier than the hip flask and this one takes things to a whole new level by ramping up the versatility considerably. What’s not to like?

In Good Spirits

Clever design sets the Dual Chambered Hip Flask from Fusion Flasks apart from the competition and it is the dual pour mechanism that is most impressive. This lets you pour one chamber or both simultaneously with a twist of the spout so you can dictate what you’re pouring effortlessly whether you’re after something neat or with a mixer perhaps.

The Fusion Flasks Dual Chambered Hip Flask ($119 or $149 for the gift set) has a mighty pleasing and elegant aesthetic that we’re loving here at The Coolector. It uses a magnet secured cap which does away with bulky latches and uses neodymium magnets in their place for a more minimalistic visual appearance. It has a double layered wall which will keep your hands warm and your spirits cold for as long as you need.

It has an easy clean spout which can be removed to thoroughly clean and a quick pour spout which is wider than the norm for hip flasks and allows you to fill your cup 50% faster than with your average hip flask. Boasting clear viewing ports which are FDA approved, these tritan windows give the clearest view and safest sip on the market.

Father’s Day Finest

Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day can be a bit of a tricky one but you might just crack it with these Dual Chambered Hip Flasks from Fusion Flasks. With the opportunity to engrave these flasks with initials or personalised artwork, you can really personalise this gift to your own dad and make this Father’s Day one to remember.

With prices starting at $119, these flasks are an absolute bargain in our opinion here at The Coolector as they’re the sort of thing that you’ll want to pass from one generation to the next. Classy design, high quality materials and market leading performance, it’s not hard to see why these are flying off Fusion Flasks’ digital shelves. Make your dad’s day this Father’s Day with one of these brilliant flasks.

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