State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road Bike in Sonoran Tan

When it comes to crafting highly adventure capable bikes, the guys at State Bicycle Co are amongst the best in the business and they’ve showcased these credentials once again with their latest release, the excellent looking 4130 All-Road Bike in Sonoran Tan. This majestic looking machine has got some thoroughly impressive features throughout which makes it one of their most eye-catching and accomplished builds to date.

The State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road Bike in Sonoran Tan has a price tag of $799.99 and is positively chock full of quality components and materials which combine to deliver an unparalleled performance out on the road. Billed as the brand’s most capable road bike ever, this one is flying off the shelves fast (and with good reason) so move quickly if you want to make this your next steed in time for two-wheeled summer adventures.

Choice of Colours

The 4130 All-Road Bike from State Bicycle Co is available in two frame colours – namely, Sonoran Tan and Pigeon Gray and four sizes to accommodate riders 5’1” to 6’5”. They have built this ride with their favourite features of its predecessors such as 4130 Chromoly Steel which is sturdy and robust, but also very compliant on the dirt. The front fork and rear end both feature a multitude of mounting points giving the rider endless choices as to rack, fender, bottle-cage, and cargo carrying options.

With the State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road Bike ($799.99) geometry being tailored to be comfortable for long days in the saddle on and off the road, it is great for any adventure trails you have in mind. This bike comes standard with a rider’s choice of 700c wheels with 38c tire OR 650b with 1.9” tires. The rims and tires are tubeless compatible and State Bicycle Co picked the gold-standard in gravel/ all-road tires, the Panaracer Gravel King for both size options, keeping in mind certain road conditions / usage for each.

The 700c wheelset boasts the 38c Panaracer Gravel King which is best suited for cyclists wanting to venture out away from the road and cross over to off-road / gravel use. The 650b wheelset delivers a larger 1.9” Panaracer Gravel King SK that is ideally suited for anyone looking for a tire that are more suitable for hardcore roads, and lots of off-road use. This is a “go-anywhere” tire that will keep pace with any cycling adventures you can concoct.

Going Up A Gear

Unlike its previous Off-Road Division predecessors, this bike has gears and State Bicycle Co have developed a 1×11 All-Road drivetrain to power these machines. The crank is our narrow-wide 1x All-Road Crank with 42t chainring paired with an 11-42t cassette for 1:1 gearing capable of climbing the toughest inclines. For the single-speed die-hards, this awesome looking bike is also available in a Frame Set to build as your hard-core heart desires.

Great value for money at $799.99, the State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road Bike is one of our favourite releases to date from this American workshop and it is rapidly flying off the shelves. Their designer, Clay Maxey, took design inspiration from their home state (Arizona), off-road vehicles, and an unlikely source; namely, sneakers. Clay is a self-proclaimed sneakerhead and loved the staggered-swoosh look on the Nike Sacai LDV so we incorporated a similar styling into the aesthetic of the bikes.

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