G5 Stik Boat

Fishing isn’t a pastime that we’ve engaged in here at The Coolector but we know there are a hell of a lot of people out there who love time out on the water and if that sounds like you, this G5 Stik Boat is going to be right up your street. Billed as the world’s first personal fishing vessel, the G5 Stik Boat boasts a design which is a hybrid of a kayak, skiff, and bass boat with the all-important streamlined hull for an impressive performance.

Capable of delivering an entirely new fishing experience, the G5 Stik Boat offers the stability to stand and fish from anywhere on the deck space, the clever dimensions to go where no other boats can, and the impressive amount of power to make its push-button ignition and joystick a real joy to navigate. Small but perfectly formed, this superb vessel will make for fishing fun and adventures this autumn.

Hitting The Water

With an awful lot of eye-catching characteristics, this G5 Stik Boat will definitely turn the heads of the other fisherman out on the waterways. This cracking contraption runs extremely quietly with jet-driven 17.5 HP engine and has a top speed of some 27MPH. It is capable of floating in just 3 inches of water and it will hold 3.7 gallons of fuel which gives it a 35–40 mile range so you’ll have plenty of distance available to find the best fishing spots.

G5 Stik Boats have unparalleled stability whether you are moving or fishing and its dimensions are 12′ long , 40″ wide and weighs just 250 lbs, and has a load capacity of 350 lbs. Fishing is a pastime that a lot of people enjoy on a daily basis and having one of these G5 Stik Boats will significantly enhance your capacity to find the best spots and makes for a mighty enjoyable fishing experience with the fun riding style and top notch performance.

The great performance of the G5 Stik Boats come from the fact that narrow boats offer less resistance in the water but tend to lack side to side stability but the Stik Boat is a different breed. Its streamlined hull will effortlessly carve beautifully through the water and delivers out of this world handling to boot. It has a gel coated fiberglass frame, along with the rigid EPS foam filled hull, which further enhances the stability of the vessel.

Versatile Performance

What really sets the G5 Stik Boat apart is the fact that it offers a fishable surface across the whole boat. From the seat forward, the entire deck is fishable which gives you ample space to maneuver while casting and landing a big fish. It has a cast aluminium impeller which is engineered for longevity and the closed cooling system will eliminate running salt or dirty water through the system.

The coolers of the G5 Stik Boats easily back flush after use to clean and they have duel over-heating sensors that will shut the engine down if the temperature ever exceeds safe levels. It has an external oil drain and easily accessible oil filter for simple maintenance so whatever fishing adventure you’ve got planned for 2018 and beyond, this vessel definitely won’t be letting you down.

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