Benso Pack Horse Chair

The chair is, of course, one of the most fundamental pieces of furniture out there but it can always offer a bit more functionality in our opinion. Well, it looks like this is an opinion shared by Michael Cooper and his excellent piece of designer furniture that goes by the name of the Benso Pack Horse Chair. A good deal more versatile than your average piece of seating, this cracking piece of design from Cooper is going to be right up the street of book lovers out there.

The Benso Pack Horse Chair is billed as an ‘active’ lounge chair which will accompany you on creative adventures of the mind and is designed with those with creative personalities in mind. This excellent piece of design from Michael Cooper has been cleverly conceived and executed to offer a creative space to read, write and enjoy being at one with your thoughts. A supremely stylish offering that will effortlessly dovetail with any interior design aesthetic, the Benso Pack Horse Chair is comfortable and functional in equal measure.

First Class Furniture 

We all use chairs on a daily basis with barely a second thought but this Benso Pack Horse Chair aims to make us more engaged with our seating by offering something a good deal more versatile and functional than the norm whilst also providing a pleasing visual impact. This great piece of design from Michael Cooper is a chair that encourages you to lose yourself in analogue creative endeavours such as writing, drawing, reading, playing guitar, or listening to your favourite vinyl.

The Benso Pack Horse Chair boasts an integrated bookshelf, rope-stitched magazine racks, and secret storage box under the seat, which means that it is geared up to help you ride off into the sunset of your creativity and imagination. As most chairs only have four legs and a platform for sitting, this represents a considerable upgrade on most seating arrangements and we’re loving how it really is tailored towards the creative individual here at Coolector HQ.

Crafted from European oak, reclaimed birch plywood from the Victoria & Albert Museum, Merino wool felt and cotton rope, there is a highly engaging look to the Benso Pack Horse Chair and it will immediately turn heads and be a conversation starter. If you’ve found your creativity curtailed of late and are on the lookout for something to act as a catalyst for returning it, this cracking piece of designer furniture from Michael Cooper might just be it.

Considerable Comfort

Though it is designed to be a creative, thinking space, being a piece of seating, the Benso Pack Horse Chair also needs to deliver comfort and that is something it achieves with aplomb. Exactly the sort of space where you could while away a good few hours before needing to stretch the legs. A brilliant piece of furniture design and one that certainly appeals to our own creative sensibilities here at The Coolector.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with the Benso Pack Horse Chair, you can commission Cooper to make you one of your own. This striking piece of design showcases his considerable talents and forms part of a wider range of designer furniture from this excellent UK based workshop.

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