Game of Thrones Action Figures

Having recently completed an epic Breaking Bad marathon, we here at Coolector HQ needed another boxset to keep us entertained so we turned our attention to Game of Thrones and now find ourselves equally as enamoured with the likes of The Imp and the Starks as we did with Walter White, Jesse Pinkman et al and we’re now in the stage of seeking out Game of Throne related awesomeness and we’ve started with an absolute belter in the form of these awesome looking Game of Thrones Action Figures by Mick Minogue.

Mick Minogue is a Dublin based artist and craftsman and he created these awesome looking Game of Thrones figures for the Winter Is Coming, A Song of Fire and Ice art show at the Ltd. Gallery in Seattle which is being presented by George RR. Martin. For these superb looking figures, Minogue was not allowed to be influenced by the hit HBO show and had to take his inspiration from Martin’s books alone and we here at The Coolector think he’s definitely hit the artistic nail on the head with his endeavours.

Beric Detail 2

Beric details

jamie Hand

Jamie Lanister (1)

The hound (1)

The hound details

Theon Greyjoy Detail

We’re only in the middle of our Game of Thrones boxset marathon and can’t wait to scour the internet for more related awesomeness to the hit show but we think we might have set the bar to high to exceed. Kudos to Minogue for his epic artistic talent.

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