Game Of Thrones Subway Maps

If, like us, you’re getting serious Game Of Thrones withdrawal symptoms as you await the next season of the hit show then you too will likely be scouring the internet for various Westeros based awesomeness but we’re willing to wager that you won’t have found many things better than these brilliantly stylised Game of Thrones Subway Maps by New York based graphic designer, Michael Tyznik.

Maps are obviously integral to Game Of Thrones, as the title sequence illustrates, but these subway style maps are definitely something a little out of the ordinary and Tyznik has based his excellent representations on the work of Cameron Booth and his equally as spiffing Transit Tumblr. These Game Of Thrones Subway Maps offer various knowing nods to the show, such as the stations along the Wall being closed and we’re loving the intricate details of the maps here at Coolector HQ. Check out a few close ups below:





If you’re after some awesome Game Of Thrones artwork for your workspace and want something a little out of the ordinary then these eye-catching subway prints will tick all of the right boxes.

We love Game Of Thrones at The Coolector and can’t help but fall for interesting and engaging projects like this from Michael Tyznik and will certainly be looking to add some of this cracking artwork to our headquarters in the not too distant future.

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