Garmin VIRB® 360 Action Camera

When one thinks of cameras suited for action and adventure, thoughts inevitably gravitate towards GoPro but, truth be told, there are some out there who might just be doing it just as well, if not even better, and the awesome looking Garmin VIRB® 360 Action Camera is a fine example of this very fact.

The Garmin VIRB® 360 Action Camera is described as being the first of its kind, capable of capturing a complete sphere of high-resolution video up to 5.7K and 360-degree audio – not to mention its capacity for taking amazing photos. It removes the lengthy editing process which we’re all keen to do away with courtesy of its unrivaled one-click 4K spherical stabilisation for smooth and steady footage — regardless of just how crazy and adrenaline soaked your adventures get.

Action Packed Footage

For those of you who love adventure, whether this be mountain climbing, surfing, skydiving or anything in between, capturing these moments is a must and you want to make sure that you’ve got a device that not only withstands whatever rigours you’re putting it through but also delivers fantastic quality footage at the end of it – the Garmin VIRB® 360 Action Camera is both rugged and waterproof and extremely easy to use so capturing footage on the go is extremely straightforward.

The Garmin VIRB® 360 Action Camera boasts one touch controls or, if you’d prefer, can be controlled with voice command and this robust, waterproof camera captures fully spherical video with spectacular clarity thanks to the 5.7K/30fps resolution with 360-degree audio. Additionally, it also includes a useful built-in GPS and sensors for augmented reality G-Metrix data overlays. This really is the ultimate action camera and more than gives the guys at GoPro a run for their money.

One of the biggest feathers in the Garmin VIRB® 360 Action Camera’s cap is the 360° spatial audio capacity that it has and it achieves this through four built-in microphones that are set up to capture sound in all directions for immersive audio playback. So, the videos that you take on this cracking device won’t just look great, they’ll sound incredible too.

Connected Camera

Capturing your action is all well and good but you want to be able to share it and your videos are immediately viewable and sharable with Garmin’s free, simple-to-use VIRB Mobile app or VIRB Edit desktop software. If livestreaming is more your thing, you can do this to straight to your YouTube® or Facebook® network.

Action cameras are something that we’ve got a love for here at Coolector HQ and, it’s fair to say, we’ve not seen many with quite as many capabilities and impressive specifications as this Garmin VIRB® 360 Action Camera. If you’re on the lookout for a new action camera that is capable of rivalling GoPro’s offerings then you’ll find all that and more with this first rate device.

Price: $799

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