Vadolibero Bike Safe Pro

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ve got a bicycle that you’re particularly fond of and which boasts a suitably striking design that it warrants display inside your home instead of chained up outside then you’ll likely want to find a great looking wall mount on which to keep it safe and secure. Well, you need look no further as you’ve likely just encountered the best on the market in the form of this excellent looking Bike Safe Pro from Vadolibero.

The Vadolibero Bike Safe Pro is described as an evolution in wall mounting for bicycles and, having seen its capabilities, it does look to be exactly the sort of accessory that most bike lovers will have been waiting for. This eye-catching stainless steel bracket doesn’t just serve as the perfect mount for your bike, it also keeps it safe and secure through an innovative locking system and will be music to design lovers ears courtesy of its minimalist design.

Bike Lovers Rejoice

First and foremost, the Vadolibero Bike Safe Pro is a glorious piece of design in its own right and the fact that it is also extremely functional and versatile is the real icing on the cake. No matter where you’re planning to store your bike, whether it be at home, the office or your garage, this cracking piece of design looks great and provides that extra level of security that will give bike lovers the peace of mind that their steed is safe from thieves.

The Vadolibero Bike Safe Pro boasts a tube-shaped bracket that is telescopic and extends outwards and it has been carefully designed to fit road bikes and MTB, so you can set its length based on the dimensions of your bike’s handlebar (up to 80 cm wide). This clever piece of design serves as the perfect means of proudly displaying your bike at home or in the office and also makes sure that it is safe and secure when not in use.

With each Bike Safe Pro, you’ll find that a frame lock is provided and this has an anti picking radial pins tumbler cylinder (with over 250.000 different combinations) along with single keys (each Bike Safe has its own key), which you will use only to unlock it – for ease of use, the device locks automatically. If you want to store your bike safely and in some considerable style at home, the Bike Safe Pro from Vadolibero is the perfect means of doing it.

Safe and Secure

Bicycles are invariably quite an expensive investment and you’ll want to make sure they’re safe and secure when not in use but with the Vadolibero Bike Safe Pro you’re also get an excellent means of showing them off as well as protecting them from would be thieves. It is crafted from AISI-304 stainless steel, a top notch alloy with a loftier corrosion resistance than conventional steel.

The Vadolibero Bike Safe Pro is also equipped with a Technogel™ pad which is to be stuck on the base and helps ensure your bicycle avoids scratches and sliding damage when putting it on and taking it off the mount. If you love your bike and want to give it a great looking place to reside whilst keeping it safe from theft, this cracking accessory definitely ticks all of the right boxes.

Price: £569+

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