GARY 2.0 Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser

If, like us, you like to listen to music whilst out and about, you will undoubtedly have encountered the considerable annoyance of tangled headphone wires in your time and wished that you had something clever to keep these wires in check. Well, you’re in luck because there is an ace looking campaign on Kickstarter by the name of the GARY 2.0 Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser which does exactly that and will make messy wires in your pocket a thing of the past.

The GARY 2.0 Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser is the brainchild of Sebastian Max and it aims to entirely eradicate the all too common problem of having to untangle your headphones after they’ve been in your pocket for any length of time and have, inexplicably, managed to become obscenely tangled. This clever little accessory fits snugly in the pocket and you’ll barely notice its there but will definitely appreciate the task that it’s performing as it resides in your pocket.

Streamline Your Carry

Most men today won’t leave the house without a pair of headphones in their pocket and the struggle is real when it comes to keeping these unruly wires in check in your pocket. This is an issue that this GARY 2.0 Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser deals with and will leave your pocket a serene, organised space and the ungodly tangle of wires consigned to history. Available in two colours and extremely straightforward to use, this top notch little accessory isn’t going to change the world, of course, but its going to stop you sighing in annoyance every time you get your headphones out to use.

The GARY 2.0 Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser is a more compact and streamlined design of the original release and ramps up the aesthetics considerably from its predecessor. This cracking little accessory will help prolong the life of the wires of your headphones because, as you might expect, them being in a constant state of tanglement and you angrily trying to reverse this does little for their lifespan.

Whether you’re heading out on your morning commute or going for a run, your headphones will likely be one of the first things you grab as you head out of the door. In order to cut down on the stress and annoyance of untangling them and the amount of time you waste on a daily basis, grabbing one of these GARY 2.0 Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser from Kickstarter seems like a bit of a no-brainer in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

No More Annoying Commutes

As great as headphones are, their propensity to annoy when tangled is second to none and we’ve all thrown a hissy fit when they’ve managed to get themselves into an almost unresolvable mess. Well, that’s something that you’ll no longer have to concern yourself with courtesy of this fantastic Kickstarter campaign which will effortlessly organise your wires and keep them exactly as god intended the whole time they’re in your pocket.

If you’ve decided that you’ll no longer put up with a pocket full of tangled wires and now is the time to do something about it, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s still plenty of time to throw your support behind the GARY 2.0 Earphones & Cables Automatic Organiser on Kickstarter and bag yours for a bargain price.

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