Tusenö First 38 Watch

We’re big fans of Swedish watchmakers here at The Coolector and it’s noticeable that there are more and more emanating from Scandinavia of late but few are quite as accomplished and refined as Tusenö, who have just hit the style nail on the head once again with their latest release, the Tusenö First 38 Watch, which is a smaller version of one of their classics and delivers all the dapperness we’ve come to expect from this fantastic Swedish watch brand.

The Tusenö First 38 Watch is an elegant and sophisticated offering and for any man that likes their timepieces understated and suitable for any occasion, you’ll not go too far wrong with this exemplary accessory from Tusenö. It is come into creation because fans of the Swedish watchmaker have been craving and demanding a smaller timepiece be added to their collection and they have duly delivered with the effortlessly cool and striking First 38 Watch, which we’re definitely big fans of here at Coolector HQ.

Refined Scandinavian Style

We love the aesthetics of the timepieces from Tusenö and the First 38 Watch delivers it in a small but perfectly package for any man after an elegant timepiece this Christmas. Gloriously designed and crafted, the First 38 Watch from Tusenö boasts a similar visual look and feel to that of its larger brother but now offers a smaller face that measures a mere 38mm, which is a classic watch size that lends itself superbly to daily wearing.

The Tusenö First 38 Watch will look great on any man that has a smaller wrist size or those who tend to gravitate towards a classy, subtle timepiece that will sit snugly on the wrist. Within the First 38 series of watches is an exclusive offering, namely an all-new yellow gold model, which depending on the strap that you choose (we love this Camo leather strap from Tusenö personally) will be a striking eye-catcher and provide a stand-out look to any outfit.

A highly sophisticated looking series of watches, the First 38 timepieces from Tusenö are sure to find an eager crowd of horology aficionados snapping them up and they’ve got some really great features that help to set them apart from the competition. Just a few of the most impressive features of these watches include a Seiko VK64, Hybrid Mecha-Quartz Chronograph movement, Japanese Sapphire crystal, slightly convex glass casing and your choice of mesh, leather or suede straps.

An Elegant Choice

Finding a watchmaker that offers everything you look for in a timepiece at a price you can afford is no mean feat but we’re pretty sure Tusenö will be meeting this criteria with their mightily impressive First 38 series of watches. Immeasurably cool and sophisticated, these well made watches are certainly another feather in the cap of this Swedish watchmaker and showcases their talents at creating such refined looking pieces.

For any man on the hunt for a new watch this Christmas and wants one that doesn’t need to shout from the rooftops to show its quality, the supremely stylish and dapper First 38 collection from Tusenö would unquestionably be one of our first ports of call here at The Coolector. Great to look at and perfect for any occasion, there really is nothing not to like about this sensational new collection from one of our favourite Swedish watchmakers.

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