Gate Camera Smart Lock

Home security is something that we should all take seriously in this day and age and, thankfully, it’s becoming much easier to keep our homes monitored and protected with excellent pieces of tech like the Gate Camera Smart Lock. This first class bit of kit from Gate is billed as the world’s most sophisticated lock but it is designed to simplify your life and give you much more control over your home security right at your fingertips.

The Gate Camera Smart Lock has price plans which start at as little as $299 and go up to $359 for their two-year premier plus service and this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is being monitored and protected with innovative smart technology. This excellent device boasts live, real-time video which can be streamed immediately to your smartphone. Your videos can be stored and shared for up to 30 days with Gate’s Premier Service Plan to make sure you can use any footage it captures after an event.

Peace of Mind

The real value of the Gate Camera Smart Lock comes from the unparalleled peace of mind it provides in knowing you’ve got a technologically superior device assisting you in your home security endeavours. This bit of kit has intuitive two-way audio which means that you can personally welcome guests or give last minute instructions to a service provider or someone delivering a parcel to your front door. In addition, Gate gives you the opportunity to provide keyless entry to your home for trusted individuals with personalized PIN codes. You’ll know exactly who comes and goes…and when.

We all have hectic lives and the ability of the Gate Camera Smart Lock to allow us to unlock our front doors remotely will come as a godsend to many. It means you’ll never have to keep visitors waiting again because you can unlock your door remotely from your smartphone and let trusted visitors in without you having to be there to do so. We love smart tech here at Coolector HQ and the fact that the Gate Smart Lock lets you control everything directly from the palm of your hand will definitely appeal to the tech inclined homeowners out there. Put simply, you’ll see live streaming video of who’s at your door, you can say hello and chat to them…or simply slide across your smartphone screen to unlock your door and let them in.

The Gate Camera Smart Lock has an all-in-one design which means there won’t be any other accessories or parts you need to purchase and it will all be good to go right out of the box. It couldn’t be simpler to install in your home and there is no drilling or wiring required to get it up and running. It has a tough, weather-resistant, die-cast metal housing with Satin Nickel finish that looks great but, more importantly, gives it the sort of robustness that is essential for any outdoor tech.

Technologically Superior

When installing this sort of smart tech in your home, you want to make sure it’s as efficient and top performing as can be and we’re pleased to report, the Gate Camera Smart Lock definitely doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Some of the stand out features of this first class device include a motion activated video camera and two-way audio, back-lit LED doorbell and keypad buttons and a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

With prices starting at just $299 for a comprehensive smart security lock service, it’s not difficult to see why the Gate Smart Lock is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after on the market. It offers everything a homeowner will be looking for with their smart tech such as keyless entry, two way audio and motion activated cameras so you’ll always be in the know about who is at your door and be able to take the appropriate action on your smartphone.

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