Small But Fine Cabin

Having a fortress of solitude in which to work and relax is definitely an aspiration of ours here at Coolector HQ and, let’s face it, a cabin is probably the best structure for such a desire. They don’t come much better looking than this Small But Fine Cabin (imaginatively named) from Studio Politaire Architects. Located in woodland in Finland, this eye-catching cabin is minimalist in design but maximising the space it has to deliver a highly functional living and working space.

The Small But Fine Cabin by Studio Politaire has certainly got some striking features packed into its small but perfectly formed footprint and boasts a breathtaking location, nestled in some Finnish forest. It is positioned next to a lake, amongst thick vegetation and trees, so it will come as quite a surprise to all those who stumble upon it and it is a masterclass in minimalist interiors and design principles that we’re loving here at The Coolector.

Woodland Wonder

Built with a particular tight budget of just $14,000, it’s amazing to see what Studio Politaire have achieved with the Small But Fine Cabin. They managed to stick to this budget but doing all the design and most of the building themselves and though their design is complex, it has a simple, understated aesthetic. The cabin is staggered so that you get a different view from each window and there are four slightly offset rooms spread over 26.8sqm and surrounded by an impressive natural landscape.

The rooms in the Small But Fine Cabin in Finland are arranged for ease of use with the kitchen leading onto a small living room, which leads to the bedroom and then on to the all-important sauna. The rooms are identical to one another but rotated in relation to each other. As Studio Politaire did most of the build themselves, they were able to make changes to their design along the way and they did exactly that by extending the terrace and making it a more relaxing and welcoming place in which to unwind in the great outdoors.

With a a modular frame, there is a degree of versatility to the design of the Small But Fine Cabin and Studio Politaire installed 17 squared lumber frames in total. Plywood boards add rigidity, and they are connected to each other with other wood to deliver a structure that looks very in keeping with its woodland surroundings. Wood was chosen as the dominant material for the cabin because it is sustainable, locally produced, cheap, easy to work with, long-lasting, climate-neutral, forgiving, reusable and produces a pleasant living-comfort.

Small But Perfectly Formed

A property doesn’t have to be massive to be impressive and this Small But Fine Cabin from Studio Politaire is just as impressive to us here at Coolector HQ as many of the more grandiose architecture projects we’ve featured on our pages. The fact they’ve achieved all this for a budget of just $14,000 makes it all the more remarkable and we might well be looking to these guys if we ever get round to building on our fortress of solitude.

The Small But Fine Cabin allowed Studio Politaire to to communicate their values with their design and show that it is possible to build a house even without extensive practical experience or a huge budget. A great looking, minimalist marvel that makes the most of its woodland location and is made from sustainable materials throughout.

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