Gather Modular Desk Organiser

We’re not going to lie, organisation certainly isn’t a strong point of ours here at Coolector HQ and our workspace seldom lacks any sort of order and it’s for that reason that we need designs like this superb looking Gather Modular Desk Organiser in our lives to help straighten out our workspace and make it a much more conducive space for creativity.

If you’re similarly disordered and looking for the resolution, the Gather Modular Desk Organiser, which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak, seems like a logical solution, particularly if you’re a fan of minimalist design and excellent craftsmanship. This great little accessory boasts the ability to adapt to your workspace and how you work to make sure the tools you need are always within reach.

Organised Chaos

Getting our workspace in order here at The Coolector would be no mean feat but if there is an accessory capable of it, it is likely this excellent looking Gather Modular Desk Organiser which you can carefully configure to your own storage requirements. Carefully designed to help minimise your desk detritus, this first rate piece of desk furniture is both impeccably designed and delivers an aesthetic superiority seldom seen in accessories of this nature.

The Gather Modular Desk Organiser has the capacity to be configured in hundreds of different ways to make sure it really fits in with how you intend to use it and makes your workspace a much more functional, free flowing area unrestricted by the clutter that we all inevitably accumulate over time. It utilises a grid system that allows each of the pieces to be rotated or positioned anywhere along the base of the design which ensures the sort of flexibility required to fit in with all the different workspaces out there.

With magnets situated in the base of the Gather Modular Desk Organiser, you can add new segments to it as and when you need them and these can be attached to the back or the side of the base depending on the sort of space that you’re working with. Acting as the perfect residing place for all your small desk items but always keeping them within arm’s reach, this great accessory will have your workspace neat and tidy in no time.

All Your EDC In One Place

When you sit down at your workspace to start work in the morning it is, if you’re anything like us at The Coolector, your various pieces of EDC such as phones, keys, notebooks and wallets that will immediately make your desk look messy but with the Gather Modular Desk Organiser you can file them away for the day and grab them as and when you need them. Given the popularity of the campaign on Kickstarter, we’re not alone in wanting to make our workspace a much more organised area.

An eye-catching design, filled with minimalist design features help to really set the Gather Modular Desk Organiser apart from the competition and for those of you working in the creative industries finding your workspace acting as a roadblock to your creativity, this cracking piece of design will be a godsend – and, better still, there’s plenty of time to pick one up for a bargain price over on Kickstarter now.

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