Simon Stålenhag Art 2017

Whenever a few months have passed, we always find ourselves gravitating back towards the website of Simon Stålenhag because we know how prolific he is at creating amazing new dystopian scenes and there is invariably a treasure trove of new pieces awaiting us – and so it has proved once again with his latest collection which carries on in the same slightly askew retro modern pieces that are strangely jarring and never short of mesmerising.

Whilst we’re far from art connoisseurs here at The Coolector, there are certain types of work that always resonate with us and none more so than the incredibly detailed, familiar yet unrecognisable landscapes created by the supremely talented Swede. If you’ve never encountered Simon Stålenhag’s work before, you’re in for a treat because it means you can go back through his extensive back catalogue and be bowled over by the attention to detail he has weaved into this dystopian landscapes and vistas.

Eye Opening Artwork

It is the realism that grounds it and the odd, other-worldly entities that frequent it that really set the artwork from Simon Stålenhag apart in our opinion and if you like striking pieces that really make you think, you’ll likely have found a new favourite artist in the brilliant Swede. His latest pieces carry on the theme of humanity seemingly plugged into some sort of virtual reality device which, given that most within the headset appear to have perished, might not be as fun as the latest Playstation offering.

We love all the pieces that Stålenhag has created over the years, having first come onto our radar a good three of four years ago now, and the speed with which he is capable of conjuring up new ideas and artwork is nothing short of miraculous. There is so much going on in his artwork with intricate little details and tongue in cheek humour to be discovered throughout and if you’re after some phenomenal new pieces of artwork for your home or office, this would unquestionably be our pick here at The Coolector.

Invariably taking inspiration from the world around him and supplanted it into his dystopian society, there is always an element of truth ringing through the artwork of Simon Stålenhag and this is why it makes such a lasting impression in our opinion. With his work inexplicably getting better and better, we certainly can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Unparalleled Detail

With such an incredible level of depth and attention to detail with the pieces of artwork from Simon Stålenhag, it is hard to fathom how he manages to create them with such regularity and to such a high standard. Whenever we’ve managed to keep ourselves off his website for just a week or two, there are always new pieces to be enjoyed when we go back and this is why the first rate Swedish artist definitely sits at the top table in our favourites list.

Whether you’re new to Stålenhag or an old hand like us here at Coolector HQ, his work is never anything less than exemplary and we love seeing what new landscapes and ideas his mind is capable of conjuring. For those seeking out some amazing artwork for their workspace, this would definitely be our pick.

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