Geezer Tight Knits Ties

Though we’re not really ones for ties here at Coolector HQ, insomuch as we’ve seldom got cause to wear one, we’re in no doubt that they are amongst the most sartorially important accessories for any man and that’s why we’ve been left so impressed with the rather excellent looking Tight Knits Ties from Australian brand Geezer which have been superbly branded by Watts Design.

The Melbourne based brand of Geezer are a fine purveyor of ties and their Tight Knits collection will likely appeal to those men who are wanting to ramp up their style considerably in 2015. Boasting an extremely contemporary design and a distinctive aesthetic appeal of a chunky style knit, we’re big fans of these Antipodean ties here at The Coolector. If you’re in the market for some new neck danglers, these awesomely branded and crafted offerings from Geezer will hit the spot – check out their cracking branding below:







Though we can typically count the number of times we wear ties at The Coolector on one hand each year, it doesn’t mean to say we can’t recognise an awesome brand when we see one and that is certainly something which applies to Geezer and their spiffing selection of knitted ties. For a stylish and comfortable tie this winter, we’re in little doubt that you’ll not find many better options than Tight Knits from Geezer.

Price: AUD$50

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