Microsoft HoloLens Headset

Technology is something that we always keeping our eye on here at Coolector HQ and exactly the sort of thing we’re hoping to see is awesomeness like the Microsoft HoloLens Headset which looks set to revolutionise the way in which we interact with our apps and gadgetry.

The Microsoft HoloLens is a see-through headset that boasts augmented reality technology that will augment their world with high-definition holograms in scenes reminiscent of the likes of Minority Report and that’s certainly something that we’re on board with here at The Coolector. In addition to this, the Microsoft HoloLens Headset offers spatial sound and gesture controls for a fully immersive experience that will make for a much more interactive array of technology.

Living in a world of voice-controlled, gestured influenced 3D holograms is something that will definitely appeal to the technology inclined and though the HoloLens is still in its formative stages and not ready for release just yet, it’s looking mightily promising indeed and we’re hoping to get our hands on one of these incredible looking pieces of technology when they eventually hit the shelves. Check out some shots and a video below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]






If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for genuinely advanced and intuitive augmented reality as we have at Coolector HQ then it is looking like the Microsoft HoloLens might just be the device to deliver it. Obviously there is still a long way to go before this gadgetry comes to fruition but the early signs are extremely promising and we can’t wait to see whether Microsoft can deliver when push comes to shove. Watch this space.

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