Gerber Tactical Pen

A pen is mightier than the sword, as they say, but, in the case of the Gerber Tactical Pen, that may actually be the case. This formidable piece of stationary is possibly the manliest on the market and we here at The Coolector wouldn’t mind wielding one during our (rare) brain-storming sessions.

The Gerber Tactical Pen is crafted from machined steel which gives it the type of weighty feel that will sit right with regular writers and its click operation will find favour amongst those who regularly lose bits of the pen i.e. us at The Coolector. Whilst it may feel like a bit of insult to the pen to not use it to write battle plans and to design instruments of war, we think that the Gerber Tactical Pen will come to terms with a more mundane lifestyle of jotting down our various thoughts and doodles. Feast your eyes on this beast of a pen below:


You can check out this devilishly cool pen over at Gerber.

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