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Given that this is just the second film to merit review on The Coolector and we have, again, given it a perfect score probably makes it look like we’re possibly the easiest to please movie critics in the world but, in actuality, its more a case of the fact we gravitate towards films that we like the look of. Having seen the trailer for Prisoners, the Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal kidnap drama, I formed the opinion that “That looks pretty good, looks a bit like 7EVEN” and thought it definitely warranted a watch….

….well, it was worth more than a mere watch and was, perhaps, the best film I’ve seen for many a year. The film itself does boast many similarities with the Brad Pitt serial killer movie, 7EVEN, and it is shot in the same gritty, cinematic way and boasts more twists and turns that you could rightly expect from a film. Given that it weighs in at a lengthy two and a half hours, you may expect to become agitated and impatient at the many shifts in directions that Prisoners throws at you but, such is the adeptness in which these plot changes are executed, the time positively flies by as it builds to an epic and impressive conclusion that will, quite literally in my case, have you on the edge of your seat.

The two leads, Jackman and Gyllenhaal, are nothing short of exemplary and, for Gyllenhaal in particular, I’ve never seen him in a more impressive role (including Donnie Darko). He plays a detective who is clearly troubled by the work he does but who has “never not solved a case” and he plays the role brilliantly, tics and all. Equally, Jackman, in a departure from his regular action roles, is brilliant as the father on the edge after his child goes missing and he is incredibly believable (and threatening, given his bulky frame) as he charges round the small American town in search of answers to the questions he has about his missing daughter.


I really can’t recommend Prisoners highly enough to be honest but it is exactly the sort of low-key, gritty film that I favour so my opinion is likely a biased one. If you want superb acting, unparalleled tension and rather excellent directing and cinematography, I think that Prisoners ticks each of these boxes superbly well. One not to be missed in The Coolector’s humble opinion.

Prisoners is at cinemas now.

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