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With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s about time we starting imparting our gift guides around Coolector HQ and, given our own obsession with the stuff, where better to start than a selection of the perfect gift for any beer lover (that’s everyone, right?) out there.

If you’ve been struggling with what to get the beer lover in your life this Christmas then fear not because we’ve got some belters which they’re sure to appreciate. Check out our pick of gifts for beer lovers below:

Honest Brew Beer Subscription

honest brew

Let’s face it, what craft beer lover isn’t going to appreciate a delivery of expertly curated craft ales to their door every month? That’s why we think that a subscription to Honest Brew will really be the ideal gift for that beer lover in your life? An incredible selection of beers, that are regularly updated and changed, are to be found with Honest Brew and so far as beer subscriptions go, you’ll find none better.

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Damn Handsome Grooming Co Juniper IPA Beer Soap


If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you won’t stop at just drinking craft beer, you’ll want to surround yourself with awesome wares that relate to it in some way. For the perfect grooming gift for the beer lover this Christmas, look no further than this superbly made and branded Damn Handsome Grooming Co Juniper IPA Beer Soap which boasts a blend of juniper, smoked spruce tips, hops and spent grains – perfect festive aroma.

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Mini Beer Pong


No self confessing beer lover will be unaware of the sport, and yes it is a sport, of beer pong and if you want to give them a gift that they’re sure to whip out whenever they’ve got their mates over, this Mini Beer Pong set would be our choice. Extremely portable and well made, it provides a miniaturised version of the popular table top game and don’t worry, you’ll get just as drunk – it just might take a little longer.

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Craft A Brew Catalyst Fermentation System


There isn’t a craft beer lover alive who hasn’t contemplated the thought of making their own beer and you can be the gift giver that facilitates this with the excellent Craft A Beer Catalyst Fermentation System which is an innovative piece of homebrewing apparatus that makes the fermentation process much more straightforward for beginners and thereby makes it easier than ever to make fantastic craft beers in your own home.

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Good Beer Hunting Lager Sweater


What says “craft beer lover” more than a sweater with Lager emblazoned across the chest? Nothing, that’s what. And that’s why if you’re looking for a piece of apparel for the beer lover this Christmas, you shouldn’t need look any further than this ace Lager Sweater from the chaps at Good Beer Hunting. Simple and to the point, it’s stylish whilst also having the added benefit of showing of the wearer’s proclivity for craft beers. Win, win.

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99 Bottles of Craft Beer on the Wall Print


One thing that any craft beer lover will know is that there is a hell of a lot of different ales out there and it can be difficult to know where to start. If you want to give a gift this Christmas that will help them hone in on some of the beers they should be trying, this excellent 99 Bottles of Craft Beer on the Wall Print from Pop Chart Lab will do the trick. It lets you scratch off the ones that you’ve tried so they’ll be able to complete you bottle list before they die. Of alcohol poisoning, probably.

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Snakebite Co Limited Edition Midnight Black Can & Bottle Opener


Most craft beer lovers are also pretty serious about their everyday carry and none more so than with having an implement for liberating craft beers (whether they be bottle or canned) on the go. You’ll find few better, or more stylish, candidates for the job than this excellent looking Snakebite Co Limited Edition Midnight Black Can & Bottle Opener. Robust, classy and easy to append to your keys, any beer lover would love to see this under the tree this Christmas.

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Host Beer Freeze Mug


It’s a common misconception that us Brits like warm beer. Not so. And that’s why any ale lover will welcome one of these great Host Beer Freeze Mugs this Christmas. Perfectly suited to keeping your beers cool during the hotter months and for those of you that take long enough to drink a beer for it to go warm, it is the ideal gift. Keeps your drink at the ideal temperature and can be used whilst you work yourself through a whole crate.

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