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As coffee lovers here at Coolector HQ, we’re forever on the hunt for awesome accessories and wares that will add to our daily ritual of crafting coffee and there can be few cooler bits than this excellent HMM Sqoop which, despite the tongue twisting name, will definitely make any caffeine lover’s day.


HMM are a favourite brand of ours here at The Coolector, not least because they so consistently produce fantastic coffee related wares, and the Sqoop is exactly the sort of implement that anyone who is serious about their coffee is going to want residing in their kitchen. Well crafted and supremely functional, it will definitely tick all of the right boxes for a Christmas gift for the coffee aficionado out there.

Here’s the Sqoop

The materials used in the construction of the Sqoop from HMM really do set it apart from the crowd and is indicative of the sort of quality that you can expect from this excellent purveyor of accessories. The Sqoop is made from teak wood and cast iron for that weighty feel and tangible quality that makes it the ultimate means of delivering your coffee beans to cup or grinder in the morning and its aesthetics are simply unparalleled.



Coffee is a serious business for a lot of people out there and having the knowledge that the quality of their instruments is second to none is one of the chief reasons that so many caffeine lovers gravitate towards HMM. Their Sqoop is a prime example of their dedication to genuinely crafting impeccable wares and using this glorious looking construct will get your coffee making off to a good start every morning.


Sqoop has a distinctly vintage vibe to it visually speaking and it is a hard wearing piece of apparatus that will keep you making top quality coffee for years to come. Classic design coupled with top class craftsmanship combine to make this an essential purchase for any coffee lover and it will form part of your morning routine in style.

Coffee Essentials

The process of making coffee can be a highly rewarding one when done right and the reward come the end of it is a delicious brew that you’ve put together yourself. It’s accessories like this Sqoop from HMM that really add to the process both from a crafting point of view but also aesthetically and it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular product for the Taiwan based brand.


First class craftsmanship alongside excellent versatility and visual appeal make the HMM Sqoop a real stand out product to us here at Coolector HQ and we’re in little doubt that there will be plenty of coffee lovers hoping to see one of these magnificent accessories under their tree come Christmas.

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