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Not so long ago, Apple based a whole marketing campaign around the awesomeness of their headphones and we dare say if said headphones were as fantastic as these Tron-esque Glow Headphones which are currently being funded over on Kickstarter then they would still be a key marketing tool for Apple.

For any fans of Tron, these Glow Headphones will likely be too good to resist already but they’ve plenty of other features which make them equally as attractive on top of their semblance to the colouring popularised from the iconic 80s movie. As you might expect from a product so visually engaging and brilliant as the Glow Headphones, their target on Kickstarter is a speck in their rear-view mirror and we can’t say we’re surprised here at Coolector HQ because we’ve wanted a pair from the second we laid eyes on them.

The Glow Headphones blend state-of-the art sound technology, laser light and a heart rate sensor for an experience like no other and, purely from an aesthetic point of view, these stunning headphones are head and shoulders above the competition.

These eye-catching headphones will pulse with laser light in time with your beats for a rather impressive light show whilst you listen to your music and boasts a clever 5-way control device that lets you manage your music, texts, phone calls and apps with ease. Check out a few more shots of the Glow Headphones below:






If you’re after a pair of headphones that really make a statement and stand out from the crowd, you’re going to struggle to find a better candidate for the job than these cracking Glow Headphones from this impressive San Francisco brand. Stylish, technologically advance and extremely functional and versatile, there is plenty to enjoy with Glow Headphones, which are both lightweight and comfortable. If you’ve already been won over by these superbly gadgety headphones, you’ve still time to get on Kickstarter and support the project.

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