Given the awesomeness of most smartphones today, it’s only fair that they’ve got a good home to reside and we can think of few better perches for our own smartphone than this stunning looking Glowdeck that is currently rocking it on Kickstarter which isn’t altogether surprising given how ridiculously brilliant it looks.

Glowdeck is the work of Brooklyn based Justin Kaufman who has crafted an impeccable looking device that serves as a wireless charger for your smartphone as well as being a bluetooth speaker to boot. The overriding objective of the Glowdeck is to make life in the connected world easier and whilst we don’t know about that, we’ve do doubting that it looks amazing and we want one real bad.

The fact it is capable of charging your smartphone just by placing it atop the platform is awesome enough but when you couple this with the fact it can play your tunes via bluetooth and has a cracking underlit frame, we here at Coolector HQ are completely sold. It has a WiFi notifications system unique to Glowdeck called Streams which looks mightily impressive indeed and you can check out some shots of this impressive device below to see why we’ve fallen for it so hard.







There is no doubting the visual appeal of Glowdeck and whilst it hasn’t quite met its Kickstarter target as yet, we’re in no doubt it will and we can’t wait to get our hands on one when it does. A superbly designed and technologically advanced beast, Glowdeck has all the hallmarks of a must have gadget and we cannot wait to see it come to fruition.

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