Aesent Tent

We don’t spend a great deal of time in the Great Outdoors here at Coolector HQ and that is likely because it isn’t until now that someone saw fit to devise a tent with a built in inflatable mattress and it goes by the name of Aesent.

Comfort is probably one of the biggest reasons that people don’t like to camp but with Aesent, you’ll have no excuses not to set up camp in the wilderness because it overcomes this issue superbly well. The Aesent Tent is the design of Dan Robertson who saw an opportunity to revolutionise the camping market and created his patent-pending tent with an inflatable base that is currently encouraging support on Kickstarter.

If you’ve spent a night in a tent on an uneven, bumpy, cold woodland floor and the type of sleep this gives way to, you’ll likely have little time for camping but the Aesent Tent could be just the thing to change your mind such is its level of comfort. Made from top quality materials, with functionality and durability of paramount important, the Aesent definitely won’t let you down when you introduce it to the Great Outdoors.

aesent mountain

aesent tent



We’d love to hit the woodland trail with more frequency here at Coolector HQ and if there is an additional level of comfort on offer with the Aesent Tent, we’re definitely sold. It seems strange that no one has thought of having an integrated mattress in tents previously because let’s face it, it’s an awesome idea.

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