Though the sour taste of the Matthew Broderick version of Godzilla still lingers in The Coolector’s mouth, we aren’t too big to give things a second chance so, despite initial scepticism on our part at another Hollywood remake of the iconic Japanese behemoth, we thought we’d give the trailer for the 2014 iteration of Godzilla a try and, to be honest, we’re pleasantly surprised with what the above trailer has to offer.

It looks to be a considerably darker affair than the last Hollywood version and, to be fair, anything that has Bryan “Walter White” Cranston in it is going to get a pass in our book. The special effects are looking of a superior quality and we’re definitely thinking that the 2014 version of Godzilla won’t have a Puff Daddy (P Diddy?) lead soundtrack which will be another feather in its already impressive looking cap.

Godzilla stars, as mentioned, Bryan Cranston but he will also be ably supported by the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (of Kick-Ass fame), Juliette Binoche and Elizabeth Olsen. We here at Coolector HQ are quietly optimistic that this version will be awesome and the trailer certainly alludes that it will be.

Godzilla hits cinemas in May 2014.

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