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We’ve got a soft spot for the sartorial here at The Coolector and there really are few things more devilishly dapper than that of the humble tie and, if you’ve any hope of channelling your inner Don Draper, you’re definitely going to need an extensive selection of spiffing ties to drape around your neck. Well, fear not, because we here at Coolector HQ have stumbled across the perfect solution for those facing the daily tie conundrum in the form of the wonderfully stylish offerings from Sweden based tie pedlars, Friday Tieday.

Operating out of Stockholm but selling their fine array of neckwear all over Europe, Friday Tieday, have certainly piqued our sartorial radar with their impeccably crafted range of ties which, somewhat brilliantly, is a subscription based service that will forgo the need to venture out into cold winter climes and will, instead, deliver ties directly to your front door. Offering a new tie each month, each with an appealing moniker such as The Hartley, Logan and Orson, we’re mightily impressed with their visually appealing ties here at Coolector headquarters. Check out a few of our favourite series from Friday Tieday below:




Needless to say, we love purveyors of finely crafted wares here at The Coolector and this is unquestionably a bracket that Friday Tieday fall into. The limited edition, exclusivity of their monthly selection of ties is also of considerable appeal and when you consider that they’re crafted from high quality materials and designed in house by some dapper chaps indeed then you know you’re onto a bit of a winner if you want to ramp up your neck’s style in 2014.

We are an inherently lazy bunch here at The Coolector and having ties delivered directly to our doorstep every month will certainly make our attempts to look stylish considerably easier and having fallen hook, line and sinker for the brilliant array on offer from Friday Tieday, we’re pretty sure that 2014 will be the year that we are mistaken for Don Draper.

Price: From £21 a month Subscription.

Available: Friday Tieday.

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