Golchi Bottle

Though we’re not exactly the sportiest anymore here at Coolector HQ, we are prone to the odd occasion of trying to get fit and healthy so often remain on the lookout for some cool looking sporting accessories and this brought the great looking Golchi Bottle to our attention.

The Golchi Bottle is a mighty impressive construct and is billed as being the world’s first vacuum insulated bottle that is capable of carrying two drinks at the same time in any combination of hot and cold – perfectly suited to the indecisive drinkers out there.

This cracking little accessory from Golchi is a customisable offering that can be configured to your own requirements such as adjusting the size of the drinking sprout and the amount of storage within. Take a look at a few more shots of the Golchi Bottle in action below:









If you’re on the hunt for an extremely versatile and functional sports bottle or one for the commute, the Golchi Bottle will tick all of the right boxes. This magnificent accessory has so many intuitive and innovative features which see it rise head and shoulders above the competition and it looks to be the ideal solution to all your drinking needs on the go.

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