Good Beer Hunting Beer Peen Hammer

Given our proclivity for a craft ale or two here at Coolector HQ, we’re always in the market for first rate beer accessories, the more unusual the better, and we’ve come across a bit of a belter in the form of this Good Beer Hunting Beer Peen Hammer.

Good Beer Hunting are a Chicago based pedlar of all manner of beer related excellence and the product to have really caught our eye at The Coolector is the rather spiffing looking Beer Peen Hammer which, let’s face it, one of the most awesome ways of cracking open a craft ale that you’re likely to encounter.

The Beer Peen Hammer from Good Beer Hunting is crafted after an antique ball peen hammer and cast in solid bronze with a black oxidised finish to give it that vintage appeal that us craft beer lovers typically favour. Check out a few more shots of this corking ale accessory below:







For those of you out there just as preoccupied with craft beer as us at Coolector HQ then you’ll probably be equally as bowled over with the retro looking Beer Peen Hammer is cast at the Leitelt Brothers foundry on Chicago’s south side, and the solid bronze hammer is pleasingly heavy in the hand, and sends beer caps flying off with wild abandon. A must have for any beer lover.

Price: $55

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