Do Good Postcards

Generally speaking, most will send postcards home from their travels to inform their loved ones what they’re up to and how they are getting on but we here at The Coolector think these awesome postcards from Good Store have got the right end of the stick by compelling the recipient to do better and improve themselves.

These Do Good Postcards are a series of eight ideas and notions that are important to bear in mind and, in this case, share them with others as a source of inspiration and encouragement. We very much like the idea of sending a little note stating “Don’t Be A Dick” to someone when we’re gallivanting about overseas and, courtesy of the Good Store, we can do exactly that. Thanks, chaps.


A superbly inventive little project that we here at The Coolector certainly appreciate and get on board with. Postcards don’t always have to be pictures of beaches or the Pyramids – they can also be insightful little comments and thinly veiled insults.

Price: $8

Available: The Good Store

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