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Truth be told, our beard growing capabilities could use a little kick in the ass here at Coolector HQ and given coffee’s proclivity for giving us energy, we’re applying the same logic to this superb looking set of Caffeinated Pacific Shaving Goods and hope it will spur our facial hair into life in the same manner.

Caffeine has long been used in women’s facial care goods but seldom found in men’s moisturisers and shaving creams, this spiffing selection of goods from Pacific Shaving Company are applying a touch of caffeine and, safe to say, the effects are likely to be impressive to say the least. All Pacific Shaving Company products are lovingly handmade in the USA and their caffeinated range (currently seeking backing of crowd-funding site, Indiegogo) is no exception.

Caffeine has many benefits when shaving such as reducing redness and soothing the skin and, additionally, if like us here at Coolector HQ, you are entirely incapable of shaving without cutting yourself, you’ll be getting caffeine directly into the bloodstream with Pacific Caffeinated Shaving Products which, of course, will give you an additional caffeine kick in the morning.

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